We have a range of classes for a range of people.

General Strength & Conditioning

A class for those wanting to improve their fitness, strength, and well-being. Perfect place to start your exercise journey.


High-Intensity Interval Training: A healthy and efficient way to lose body fat and improve
fitness. Supervised and designed to be safe and effective.

Women’s Classes

Classes designed for women by a female Exercise Scientist to ensure they feel comfortable in their fitness environment. Perfect for all women.


High intensity boxing sessions with a mix of boxing skills and resistance exercises in a safe and controlled environment for all skill levels.

Young Guns

Classes for those aged 6 to 18 with programs designed to achieve the best possible development both in life and in sport.

Back to Basics Athlete Development

A mix of strength and movement based training to develop running, jumping, strength, agility,and coordination.

Over 55’s Strength & Conditioning Classes

For over 55’s consisting of exercises to improve ability in daily activities, and improving theirphysical and mental health.

Lunch Time Workouts

Quick 30 minute full body workouts to fit in your lunch break.

Personalised Group Strength & Conditioning

Smaller sized classes with individual personalised programs.

Performance Strength & Conditioning

Personalised programs designed for those with specific sport, exercise, and performance goals.


A blend of different styles of yoga for adults. Hatha for gentle yoga and beginners, Iyengar for alignment, as well as using props to allow access to all postures, Vinyasa to create movement, Yin to stretch the connective tissue and Restorative for deep relaxation.

Integrating styles ensures that everybody is supported and allows each person to experience yoga to their fullest depth. One size does not fit all! Yoga can be life transforming. It allows you to connect to your body, understanding it’s subtleties for greater range and ease of movement. When the connection to breath and movement develops, you can find ease in the pose and it’s an amazing feeling!

Salty Yoga

Our Salty Yoga is Hatha Yoga performed in our Salt Room. Hatha Yoga is a gentle style of Yoga working on teaching the body to come from stressed environments, connecting the body, breath and mind this class is best for those who are feeling as if life is getting away from them and needs some more me time, also fantastic for those who have not done any or much yoga before as each Asana (pose) is explained in depth. Salt will be dispersed in to the air and as you take deep breathes and inhale the salt your respiratory system will feel the natural healing effects of the salt therapy.
All levels are welcomed to this class as we work with each bodies needs.


Bringing together elements of yoga and mindfulness through introducing breathing concepts, slight movements to physically relax, awareness of breath, connecting with the body and the external environment. Classes typically start with an intention and end with reflective discussions. Reflection is a great way to give you an insight into our own thoughts, which can assist you further in the meditation process.