Immerse Yourself in Sheer Perfection with Floatation Therapy

Melt away stress and revitalise your body in the waters of pure perfection. At Your Body Hub, we’re dedicated to providing you an incredible whole-body experience for your floatation therapy session, allowing you to walk away with a sense of inner peace.

Our wellness pods let you experience the seduction of a crystal clear mind, calmed nervous system and improved quality of life. Our temperature-controlled and spacious floatation pods allow your body to achieve a deep state of total rest through sensory limitation. Feel the calming effects of deep meditation while remaining in a deep state of physical relaxation. With a complete sense of weightlessness, your body floats effortlessly in the concentrated liquid.

A formula that helps wash away worry

We utilise a precise solution of water-and-Epsom salts to give you the sensation of effortless floating. This allows you to completely unwind and tune out to the outside world. As well as providing a unique buoyancy that allows you to float without any strain on your muscles, the ingredients are soft on your skin for an after-treatment glow.

The floatation pods themselves are designed to provide you the utmost in sensory deprivation. Find yourself in a private chamber away from the distractions of everyday life.

A treatment plan designed for you

Your personal consultant will attend to your needs and develop a specialised treatment plan that targets your problem areas. Over one or multiple sessions, they will target your complications or areas of stress, giving you peace of mind.

Target a range of common concerns and reap a range of benefits, including:

  • Muscle recovery after exercise, sports or injury
  • Management of acute or chronic pain
  • Alleviated headache and fatigue
  • A reduction in signs of depression, anxiety and stress
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved sleep patterns

Discuss these benefits and more with your personal consultant, and find out how to achieve them for yourself.

One convenient location in Melbourne’s south east

Our Officer wellness centre provides floatation therapy in Melbourne’s South eastern suburbs, including Pakenham and Berwick. We also offer remedial massage, myotherapy, salt therapy and more. Simply ask us how.

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