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Your Movement With Cancer

What Is It?

Your Movement With Cancer is an evidence-based exercise group program allowing current and post cancer clients to exercise in a safe and supportive environment with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. 

Exercising with an Exercise Physiologist allows clients to ensure they are completing a tailored exercise program specific to individual goals and stage of cancer treatment.  


Research has demonstrated that tailored exercise prescription: 

  • Reduces cancer related fatigue and pain. 

  • Improves cancer survival rates. 

  • Improves sleep quality.

  • Reduces functional impairments as a result from cancer treatments. These can include reduced aerobic capacity, energy, bone mineral density, and muscle mass. 

  • Reduces social isolation and symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

How to Join?

An Initial Assessment is required before joining classes to discuss your current cancer treatment plan, medical history, and goals. 

A chronic disease management plan given can be used for initial appointments and follow up 1:1 appointments. A type two diabetes care plan can be used to subsidise classes for those eligible.

Your private health insurance, using Exercise Physiology extras, can be used for initial consultations and classes.

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