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Floatation Therapy FAQs

Floatation Therapy FAQs

Here at Your Body Hub, we’re committed to answering your questions and helping you get the care you need and deserve.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please give the clinic a call or submit an inquiry.

Can I float with recently dyed hair?

Unfortunately no, recently coloured rinses or hair dyes can run into the salt solution. Please wait up to a week before having a session having colouring your hair.

Can I float if I’m menstruating?

No, unfortunately we do not recommend floating during menstruation.

Do I need bathers?

No, you are more than welcome to float nude. Floating is bathers can become uncomfortable. Anything you wear while floating will become heavy with epsom salt.

Can I float after waxing or shaving?

It’s not recommended to shave or wax on the day of floating as the salt can irritate the skin and sting.

Can I float during pregnancy?

Floating when pregnant provides relief and comfort. The Epsom Salts help to reduce inflammation. We do recommend consulting your GP prior to floating.

How is hygiene maintained?

The high saline content of the floatation environment ensures that virtually nothing harmful can survive within the tank. The water within the tank is automatically filtered between each customer, and further cleanliness is assured if you tell all customers to shower before and after each float session.

Is there any risk of drowning?

The high buoyancy of the water makes it impossible for the individual to go beneath the surface. Once settled in the tank, it is only possible to touch the bottom of the tank with a great deal of effort.

What happens if the power goes out?

If the power goes off in the room where you are floating the lights will not work in your pod and the pod will start to lose its warmth.

What happens if there is an emergency and I need to alert a staff member?

In case of any type of emergency there is a red button inside every pod. Press this and this will alert all staff members that there is an emergency inside your pod.

How many pods do you have?

Here at Your Body Hub we have 3 floatation pods in 3 separate rooms. Each room has its own shower.

What if I fall asleep?

Music will play for the last 5 minutes of your session if this does not wake you up the filter will turn on after the music and this should wake you up.

How do you keep the Pods clean?

After each flotation session, the tank’s systems will automatically activate the pumps, filtration system and heaters to cycle and process the float solution. The float solution will be cycled through a 10 micron filter bag, a UV light disinfection system and chemical disinfection system for at least 15 minutes to ensure the solution’s hygiene. The pods are also cleaned by our staff members multiple times a day.

Post-Float: Why am I thirsty?

The Epsom salts will detoxify the skin by drawing out fluid and impurities; this in turn will cause slight dehydration so please make sure you drink lots of water after your float.

Post-Float: Can I use a shower cap?

No, you will overheat as the top of the head is where the body loses all its heat

Post-Float: Why do my neck and shoulders still hurt?

The neck, shoulders and lower back are places that usually suffer from stress through long periods sitting at desks and computers. The muscles become knotted, tight and painful. When you float the muscles relax and renewed blood and oxygen flow to these areas will occur and in turn this leads to short turn discomfort – you should inform the customer that they should notice a greater freedom of movement and also less tightness the day after the float – advise them that further benefits will be attained with more float sessions.

Post-Float: Why is my skin itchy?

The tanks have a high content of salt, which can irritate the skin of first-time floaters. Regular visits will reduce this sensation.

Post-Float: Why do I feel nauseous?

It is the release of tension from the stomach and abdomen. This is actually a very good sign as it indicates that stress is leaving the body. The customer should feel a lot better the next day. If you get a chance to chat to the customer then you’ll probably discover the stomach is a problem area for them as it’s not unusual for stressed people to hold their tension in the stomach and abdomen.

Post-Float: I was short of breath in there, not enough air?

When you relax in the float tank you enter a super relaxed physical state where your body needs as little as 50% of its normal oxygen intake. This is why your breathing becomes very shallow and it’s why it feels like there isn’t enough air.

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