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Detox Package

Detox Package

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Colonic Hydrotherapy is the gentle cleansing of the colon. A safe and gentle inner cleanse leaving you feeling light and revitalised.

Lymphatic massage promotes healthy functioning of our immune system through stimulation of the lymph nodes to remove fluid and waste. 

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  • Colonic Hydrotherapy Standard Consultation
  • 30 min Lymphatic Drainage Massage

We offer closed system colonics where the treatment is manually driven by a trained therapist who tailors the cleanse in accordance with the individual needs of the client, also using abdominal massage. A clean and healthy gut will allow vital nutrients to be absorbed easily, and leave you feeling light, energised and clear-headed. This treatment can also carry other benefits, such as glowing skin, decreased mood swings, reduction in stress levels, and many more.

When our body becomes overloaded with toxins from our environment and/or diet, our lymphatic system slows down, fluids build up and body becomes fatigued and vulnerable to getting sick. It is a fantastic form of detoxing and activates the body’s innate healing mechanism. So, receive a lymphatic draining massage before your Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment, and you will maximize your body’s ability to cleanse, detox and restore balance to your overall wellbeing.


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