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5 Full-body Exercises for Your Complete Workout

14, Jun 2022 in Uncategorized

Some days, you might focus on exercising the muscles in your legs. Other days, it might be arm day, and every other day is core day. Here are 6 of the best full-body exercises to incorporate into your workout for a well-rounded session.

Alternating between and targeting certain areas of the body for each workout can be a great strategy for consistent results, but when you really want to get some bang for your buck, there’s nothing like a full-body exercise to work all those muscle groups. 

Incorporate these 6 into your workout for a well-rounded session. 


If you’ve ever been to a personal trainer or group fitness session, there’s usually an audible groan when the word ‘burpees’ is used. This is because burpees require the use of a lot of different muscle groups to get from a vertical position to a horizontal position quickly, and repetitively. They’re a great cardio workout that gets your heart rate up and your key muscles working together at once. With variations to also suit beginners, the burpee is a great exercise having both strength and cardiovascular benefits.


With the deadly combo of movements targeting the hamstrings, glutes, back, shoulders, and core, deadlifts are the perfect all-encompassing weight lift that will set those muscles on fire. Starting with a hinging position from the hips and moving into an upright standing position, deadlifts are usually a slow and calculated exercise that allows you the time and concentration to activate all the required muscle groups to complete the movement. 


With so many variations to suit different fitness and ability levels, push-ups are a classic workout staple for targeting full muscle groups throughout the body, and you don’t even need equipment! When you start in a horizontal position supporting your body weight, the full push-up movement targets everywhere from your abs, back, to your arms, chest & shoulders!


Rows are a great upper body exercise to balance out pressing movements & target the posterior chain as well as the arms. Challenge your lats, rhomboids, shoulders & biceps with a variety of pulling exercises such as inverted rows, upright rows, or even go all the way with pull ups!


Another classic exercise that can be modified for ability and to include or exclude equipment, the good old squat has it all when it comes to full-body movements. Body-weight squats target your legs, glutes, and core. When you add some extra weights to the equation, your upper body joins the party, and you have a complete top-to-bottom exercise for all your key muscles. 

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