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5 Things You Should Be Asking Your Massage Therapist

24, Aug 2021 in Education & Resources

Finding a fantastic massage therapist that you click with is a great feeling, but you need to ensure you're on the same page.

When you start your massage journey, it’s important for you and your therapist to be on the same page about what goals you want to kick, what you do like, don’t like, what you’re worried or curious about, and how they can help you achieve results.

So, what are some of the questions you should be asking your massage therapist?

What type of massage do I need? 

Usually, when you go to see a massage therapist, you have a sore something, a niggle here, an ache there, or an ongoing ailment you need help with. Massage therapy has many branches, each designed to help with specific complaints or deal with things on a broader level. Your massage therapist should be able to discuss with you the different types of treatment options and which one would be most beneficial to you.

What level of pressure will you use? 

Different people have different levels of tolerance and preferences when it comes to massage therapy. Some like their therapist to really dig deep, whereas others might prefer the lighter touch. Ask your therapist about the different levels of pressure they may use, and don’t be afraid to speak up if the pressure doesn’t feel right!

What if something out of the ordinary happens? 

If you’re worried about something happening during your massage such as falling asleep, getting ticklish, or passing wind, chat to your therapist before your massage to ease your mind. A lot of things considered ‘out of the ordinary’ actually happen more often than you think, so it can be a relief to address the elephant in the room to keep you both in the loop and aware of it.

Can I have a silent massage? 

Quite often, people are afraid to insult or upset their massage therapist by politely letting them know they prefer not to have a chat during their treatment. Your comfort level should be at the top of yours and your therapist’s priority list, so if you’re going in hoping to get the silent treatment and instead get to make small talk the entire time, let your therapist know. You won’t insult them! And if you do, it’s probably time to find a new therapist.

How am I going to feel in the morning?

It’s important to know what to expect after a massage so you’re not caught by surprise when you wake up a bit tender or with some other unexpected effect. Before you hop off the table and get on your way, ask your therapist how you might feel in a few hours or days so you can be prepared instead of surprised.

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