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Getting Back to Exercise in 2021- How to Make the Most of It (and full proof it!)

09, Feb 2021 in Education & Resources

In the last year, many of us have had to adapt and modify our exercise routines from what we were previously used to doing. For those used to attending a gym and use a vast majority of equipment, many of us have really struggled to stay active. With many working from home, sitting more, moving less, then came covid kilos, musculoskeletal pain, stiffness and soreness. 

The good news is we now know there are so many ways we can go about staying active. A big positive in the last year is that this has forced us to get creative with our exercise routine! This is great as it teaches us how we can full proof our exercise and physical activity – whether its lockdown restrictions, travelling with work or going on road trip or holiday! There are plenty of items at the tips of your fingers that you can incorporate into your exercise routine. Used to dumbbells? Try filled water bottles. Missing the barbell? Try using a bag filled with books! Missing the squat rack? Challenge yourself through single leg exercises and address any imbalances in the process! The fact is, the use of external weights & machines are just ONE form or resistance at our disposal. Strength (or resistance) training can involve any form of resistance, even your own body weight! You’d be surprised how challenging you can make body weight movements or progressing other exercises with light weight by increasing the complexity & therefore the difficulty of exercises.

If you were someone who really enjoys cardiovascular exercise in the gym, good news is there’s plenty of options without relying on the treadmill, cross trainers or rower! Soak up some vitamin D with a walk, jog or run (or a combination!). If the weather isn’t in your favour there’s options for indoor cardiovascular exercise too! Anything with a high repetition and moderate intensity is due to increase your heart rate, thereby can assist in maintaining and improving your aerobic fitness. (Provided it is performed at the right intensity and frequency).  A mixture of body weight exercises including: marches, high knees, air boxing, star jumps, split jacks, quick feet, step ups, mountain climbers are enough to do it!

It’s not uncommon to at times feel overwhelmed with trying to get our recommended exercise each day whilst also trying to achieve a work/life balance. If you’re someone who really struggles with this, give it some thought and really think about what you can realistically manage with exercise initially. If this is 10 minutes a day, so be it. Anything is better than nothing! To really maximise you exercise if you are short on time- try a circuit structured session. Alternating between muscle groups will allow you to go from one exercise to the next without a formal rest period (as one set of muscle groups will be recovering as you continue to work another area). If you aim for 3 exercises (upper body, lower body, & core) you can get through 3 full rotations and should be able to work up a sweat in the process!

When you are able to comfortably manage your initial plan, reassess and see what else you can add to it. Maintaining an active lifestyle will be a combination of both being realistic with what we can manage- but we also need to make time for this to maintain good health and well being. Explore different types and styles of exercise and find something you enjoy. This could range from a boxing class throughout the week, having a hit of tennis with a friend after a days work, or organising a monthly game of golf. These can also be a  great way add some variety and fun to a structured and progressive exercise plan

If you’re still not sure where to start, or you are just wanting some variety in your regular routine, get in touch with us about how we can help you by emailing us on exercise@yourbodyhub.com.au

You can even book in for a complimentary 15 minute consult (phone or face-face) with one of our Exercise Physiologists for some tailored advice.
*It’s important that if you have any injuries, medical conditions or other concerns that you consult with your GP and/or Accredited Exercise Physiologist prior to beginning an exercise routine*

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