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How reflexology can help stress

01, Sep 2019 in Education & Resources

The use of reflexology can be traced back to Ancient Egypt where evidence inside a physician’s tomb demonstrates that even thousands of years ago, people found benefit in this delightful technique.

Reflexology is the natural, choice of therapies designed to overcome stress, while improving physical and mental wellbeing.

Differing from massages, reflexology is also known as zone therapy and provides treatment in the form of pressure applied to the feet, hands and ears, using specific techniques – all without the need for any lubricants.

Each part of the foot, hand and ears correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body, and attention to specific areas allows the corresponding body part to receive and benefit from the treatment being applied.

Reflexology stimulates and encourages natural, holistic healing from many different ailments, usually by improving the circulation of blood throughout a person’s body. Better circulation cultivates a drop in stress levels, lessens pain and assists in restoring your body’s natural balance.

This form of non-invasive therapy is well-known for being a profoundly relaxing mode of healing, allowing the recipient to experience improved functioning throughout their body. A practitioner takes time with the whole of the foot, hand and ear, but can specifically focus on problematic or painful areas, when offering treatment.

How it specifically helps stress

Stress is a highly toxic state that can have negative health consequences upon many parts of the body. This includes the endocrine system, where the pancreas, pineal gland and adrenal gland can all be affected. In particular, the adrenal gland has responsibility for the body’s fight, flight, faint or flee reaction and is a vital organ that needs care and attention, in terms of lessening and eliminating stress in your life.

Many other organs of the body might require focused treatment, as they can be negatively affected by stress as well. If you seek help specifically for worry and anxiety, your reflexologist will tend to focus on the areas of the foot or hand that correlate with the kidneys, heart, brain and liver.

Additionally, reflexology can also release endorphins throughout the body. As these hormones bring about a sense of happiness and wellbeing, they can typically alleviate any stressful feelings you might have been enduring.

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