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Seeing an Exercise Physiologist During the COVID-19 Pandemic

12, Oct 2020 in Education & Resources

Given the current coronavirus pandemic and restrictions, unfortunately this has led to overall reduced movement, activity & exercise of many. With community sport now currently on hold and commercial gyms being forced to shut, this means unfortunately many cannot exercise in the way they usually would do so. This coupled with many working from home and assisting with home schooling, this means we are now doing less than ever before! Over time this can lead to things such as increased weight & stress levels, reduced energy & mood all of which can easily domino & poorly affect our health.

Fortunately as Exercise Physiology is an allied health profession, we are able to assist those who need essential care through exercise. Depending on your circumstances and the ever-changing restrictions (including medical conditions, medications you may be taking, age & other factors), consulting with an EP via telehealth may be recommended for you. This is due to certain medical conditions, medications or age making some more susceptible to contracting certain illnesses than others
If this is the case, we may advise that telehealth consultation will be required. This ensures that all our clients are kept safe and well, whilst ensuring you have access to the essential healthcare & services you need. This may be completed either over a telephone conversation or video call.
Those that are needing essential face-face consultations can be assured that all required measures are being carried out on a regular basis. This included screening of all visitors for symptoms, ensuring all that are required to are carrying and wearing a mask, rigorous cleaning & sanitation as well as enforcing social distancing.

With the increased stressors of the current climate staying active is now more important than ever! With so much currently out of our hands, exercising is something that YOU are in control of, and we should maintain it as part of our regular routine for a multitude of reasons. Regular exercise can be beneficial for improving mood, reducing stress and anxiety, all of which are heightened for many currently! Exercise can also assist in maintaining a healthy weight, maintaining and increasing strength and even enhance your body’s immune system!  Although community sport is currently on hold, many can take this as an opportunity to address recurring injuries, muscular imbalances, enhance performance, ready for when we have a go ahead for sport. At a time where there is so much out of our control, exercise is one thing we should strive to make as a constant in our routine. Stay in control or your health and wellbeing during this period.

To learn more about how exercise can help you, get in touch with one of our Exercise Physiologists today!

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