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Why Exercise Physiology is Becoming a Popular Choice for Injury Rehab

09, Feb 2021 in Uncategorized

Many will be familiar with Physiotherapy or Osteopathy based treatments relating to care following an injury. Physiotherapists & Osteopaths have been around for some time and are known to been involved with many types of rehabilitation. They have an array of skills relating to the diagnosis and acute care of injuries including soft and deep tissue massage, manipulation & ultrasound as well as a base level of knowledge regarding exercise bases treatment. These professionals may use a variety of treatment types in the treatment of an injury. But where does Exercise Physiology come in?

Although Accredited Exercise Physiologists do not use hands on or passive based tools as part of their treatment, they are the highest qualified allied health profession when it comes to the individualization of exercise for specific injuries or conditions. They are university qualified allied health practitioners who may be used in either the acute, sub-acute or long term stages of rehab, often in conjunction with other allied health disciplines to enhance client outcomes. Accredited Exercise Physiologists (as well as exercise prescription) may use other treatment modalities including health education, advice & support, lifestyle modification & motivational interviewing (that is client centred conversation to help facilitate behaviour change & therefore improve health outcomes.)

One main difference of Exercise Physiology from some allied health professions is that the client is involved throughout the rehabilitation process entirely- that is it is an active based treatment. These active based treatment modalities may include taking part in an assessment where the client may be asked to perform a certain movement or movements (in the form of range of motion, cardiovascular or strength based activity) in which the treating Exercise Physiologist can then determine an appropriate level In which the client can begin exercise in order to treat a certain injury. Examples of the active treatment may include: performing an individualized home exercise plan set out by your treating Exercise Physiologist, self- management strategies (such as foam rolling, stretching, use of heat/cold therapies), and taking part in a lifestyle related counselling session (e.g having a conversation regarding how to overcome certain barriers & formulating useful solutions).

Injuries that Accredited Exercise Physiologists can treat vary from sports related injuries, helping in the recovery of a work related injury under Work Cover (e.g a repetitive strain injury) or rehabilitation from fractures or other injuries associated with road accidents (under TAC)

So whether it’s the elite athlete wanting to rehab and prevent sports associated injuries, an employee wanting to return to work or someone recovering from a road accident, Accredited Exercise Physiologists are here to help, through the medicine that is exercise. Get in touch today  to find out how we can help you on the road to injury rehabilitation.

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